The Smart Choice for Car Repair and Service.

Smart Auto Repair provides comprehensive service, lowest prices, honest answers - That’s Smart.

SmartAuto Repair Charlotte is the smart choice for car repair, auto maintenance and vehicle service. We know you have a lot of choices available to you for automotive repair. So, why would you pick Smart Auto Repair? Our experienced auto service team upholds the company’s mission to provide you with:

Comprehensive service.
Bring your vehicle to SmartAuto Repair for all of your vehicle maintenance and car repair needs. We can handle something as small as an oil change or as big as a transmission rebuild. We can be your one stop shop for all your car service needs.

We offer most of the same services you could receive at the big name automotive dealerships, but our labor is far less at only $64.00 per hour. We also charge less than the industry standard for our car parts while still offering the same quality as other shops.

High quality workmanship.
We know that the term “honest auto repair shop” is thrown around our industry all of the time, but we want to show you that we embody this. We don’t want you to waste your money on an unwarranted upsell for your vehicle and that is why we strive to bring to your attention only the items on your vehicle that are truly in need of repair or replacement.

Think all of this is too good to be true? Bring your car in and give us an opportunity to show you that SmartAuto Repair Charlotte truly is the “Smart Choice” for all of your auto repair needs. Comprehensive auto service, lowest prices, honest answers- That’s Smart.